E-Learning is faster, better, cheaper - and THE answer in this tough economy. Click here to learn how.

You're looking for a solution to grow your business in a tough economic climate, using limited budget dollars, yet with a mandate to increase productivity. Get innovative during these tough times - we'll show you how!

E-Learning can teach your employees faster, better, and for less money than classroom-based training. And in today's tight economy, making your budget stretch as far as possible will catch the eye of upper management. Here are three ways you can provide more training than you ever imagined (and an ROI of well over 100%) - without having to build an in-house training department:

Option One: Off-The-Shelf Courses

We have a library of over 75 E-Learning and classroom-based soft skills business courses that you can purchase. These are professionally-designed, high quality courses. 17 of these courses are full-blown, online courses, complete with case studies, knowledge checks and professional voice-overs. You can own these courses outright (with no annual fees or royalties).

[See an example of an Off-The-Shelf course...]

Option Two: Semi-Custom Courses

We take courses from our soft skills business library (see Option One above) and customize them for you, so it looks like the online courses were specifically built for your company. We use your existing PowerPoint template (or design one for you), your logo and your corporate color palette, so the courses match your website or branding standards perfectly.

[See a screen shot from a Semi-Custom course...]

Option Three: Custom Courses

Design your own proprietary online courses using your content. We'll do the needs analysis and interview your subject matter experts (or you can supply the content). You'll get courses that you own outright, and that are specific to your products or services. Web based training can include interactive exercises, knowledge checks, video clips and professional voice-overs.

[See a screen shot from a Custom course...]

LMS Hosting

All of our E-Learning courses are SCORM or AICC-compliant, so they integrate seamlessly with your LMS. If you don't yet have an LMS, we can provide a number of hosting options.

What are the benefits of E-Learning?

E-Learning can teach faster. Hewlett Packard reduced the time required to train a global sales force from one year to one month (Pickard 2000). In doing so they cut training costs by 78%.

E-Learning can teach better. Office Depot increased retention by 25% and satisfaction by 30% with E-Learning. Switching to web based training doubled enrollment and cut costs by 80% (Maher, 1999).

E-Learning can save money. A 5-year study by PriceWaterhouseCoopers of its internal E-Learning program found a cost of $106 per student, compared to $706 per student for conventional classroom training, a reduction of 85%.